Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A4-1: Weekly Written Analysis

Weekly Analysis
Everyday we are bombarded by all types of information. Whether its entertainment or advertisements there is a constant stream of business related material consciously and unconsciously being thrown at us. How many of us out there can identify a company’s logo without any other identifying information than the logo its self. I would say this is a rather high percent based on the fact that I am a normal consumer in the market. I know that the more famous a logo is the more likely I am to buy the product. Just the other day I went shopping and one of the items on my list was chips. Going down the chip aisle I picked up the signature cylindrical can with the smiling mustached head on it. If you haven’t guessed it already I bought some Pringles. Company logos have become almost an icon in popular culture. From the infamous Nike swoosh to Wal-Mart’s smiley face companies are always competing to find a bigger, better, and more popular logo.
While browsing I came across a very interesting survey that really made me think about how much company logos play apart in the decisions I make while shopping. The survey was labeled Company Logo Quiz. As I made my way through the quiz I recognized many logos I did not consciously realize I knew. I recognized All State Insurance’s logo as folded hands and even Bacardi’s bat. What really surprised me were the results of the quiz, out of the fifteen logos I guessed ten of them correctly. It really makes you stop and think about being a more conscious shopper. Does popularity really matter or is it just a mind control used by businesses? You can take the quiz at
AOL Money and Finance (2008). Company logo quiz. Retrieved January 30, 2008, from

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