Thursday, January 24, 2008

A3-1: Weekly Written Analysis

Weekly Analysis
The Iraq war is one of the most unpopular wars in American history. Combined with a poor economy and seemingly untruthful leadership the war and the president have become increasingly unpopular as time has passed. One thing that has been seriously debated in recent years is the truthfulness of the Bush administration with the people at the beginning of the Iraq war (Daniel, D., 2008). Many people feel that due to conflicting information the public was being lied to about the reasons America was pursuing a war with Iraq. In a poll conducted by AOL 40% of Americans believe a combination of lies and bad intelligence led to misinformation before the war, and another whopping 70% believe the Bush administration purposefully misled the American people (Daniel, D., 2008). Debates about the war and president have begun to peak with the new presidential election period gearing up and potential hope around the corner. It has awakened many American’s to try to make sense out of a war many of us don’t agree with.
Many thousands of soldiers and civilians alike have lost their lives due to this campaign. Each one of those lives is important and significant which is why an alternative to this war must be found. The Iraq war and the war on terrorism to many Americans are the same thing. President Bush has ruled America with fear the last several years by ingraining terrorism into everyone’s mind. I think that instead of fear from 9/11 he should have focused on the unity it created with the American people and been truthful about the true intentions of the war. But, as the common stereotype that government officials are corrupt is furthered we have learned that politicians and the once extremely respected position of President of the United States can be the least respected positions in society.
Daniel, D. (2008). False statements before war, study says. Retrieved January 23, 2008, from

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