Monday, January 14, 2008

A2-2: Icon Analysis

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When I think of the word icon another word comes to mind. That word is fame, even without knowing the true definition of icon it is widely known that for something or someone to be an icon they have to be famous. Icons that stand the test of time are generally those relating to politics or religion, two of the most influential things in human history (Browne, R., 2005, p.55). America is a nation of many icons. The biggest category for icons that comes to mind is movies, but America has many culturally rich icons to offer.
The icons I chose are Elvis Presley, Las Vegas, and the Statute of Liberty. I chose Elvis Presley because growing up an influential person in my life was my aunt. She loved Elvis Presley and I can remember her saying, “He is the most beautiful man alive, he’s the King”. Without even growing up in the era when Elvis was alive his impressive presence was still felt by me generations later, and that is why I believe Elvis Presley is an icon. I chose Las Vegas because I have visited there several times and think it is truly a magical place. It is an adult’s playground and known around the world as Sin City. I chose the Statute of Liberty because it is a national icon. The first thing immigrants saw before landing at Ellis Island was the Statute of Liberty beckoning freedom. It is recognized around the world as a symbol of peace, freedom, and prosperity.
All of the icons listed have played an important role in my life. Thinking about the Statute of Liberty reminds me of what America was meant to be and should be even in today’s age when I forget sometimes. Las Vegas is the epicenter of fun in America, it makes me think of the fun times I have had with family and friends there. Elvis Presley is a symbol of the fun and freedom we enjoy in America, he also makes me think about and appreciate family from the good times I have had listening to him as a child with my Aunt.

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